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Exs Spray

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Product Description
EXs praise dietary supplement for overall health that works for both men and women. Why EXS Spray is Different. EXS works with you, helping to enhance your bodies natural functions. Taking EXS is easy and simple to start, take the recommend dose first. From there see how EXS works with you to find the right amount of sprays for your lifestyle. EXS helps you feel your best while having the confidence for any situation that may arise. Little to no side effects have been seen with EXS.

What Can I Expect?
Effects that may last for hours and hours!
All-Natural with No Pharmaceuticals
Use EXS Spray at least 30 minutes before sexual activity.
Take 3 to 4 sprays and hold in the mouth for 30-60 seconds and then swallow.
Wait 30 minutes and then take three more sprays and enjoy!
Effects will be most intense in the first 2 hours of use and effects will last up to 12 hours.
EXs spray is made with natural herbs that have been used in many cultures for centuries for the purpose of revitalizing health and overall well-being. EXS Spray contains no pharmaceuticals. There are many products available in stores that claim to to work for men and women but many products are disappointing. Many of these products come with harsh side effects such as headache or heart palpitations. Our products are not intended to force your body to do something, but to allow your body to perform or boost its natural functions.

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