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Pulse 2 Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator
Hot Octopuss have updated the hottest male toy of the year and this is Pulse II Solo, with improved waterproofing and now multiple pulsations.

Most adult toys are designed for maximum vaginal pleasure, but what about enhanced penile pleasure? The Pulse by Hot Octopuss brings some balance to the market with a male stimulator. You can use it when you fly solo or make it an accessory when you get together with intimate friends. Its primary desire is to keep your organ alert and hard, so you choose when and how it is used.

Oscillations, Not Vibrations
Vibrating toys are the norm in the adult toy market, but the Hot Octopuss Pulse is designed to deliver an oscillating effect rather than the standard vibration. This technology is called PulsePlate, and it is designed to provide a unique pleasure that only a man can fully appreciate.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Keeping You Soft?
You don't need to achieve an erection in order to use the Hot Octopuss Pulse. It is easy to slide into the soft device and apply oscillation to encourage an erection much stronger than you may be able to achieve on your own.

Use the vibration to stimulate your erection, and then take it off for penetration. If you cannot achieve an erection, it is still possible to enjoy orgasmic experiences with your partner. While full penetration is not possible with the Octopuss in place, you can press the bottom of the Pulse against your partner to simulate full-on lovemaking. With the oscillations pleasing both you and your partner, you may not even miss penetration.

Look, No Hands!
The Pulse has soft silicone wings that expand for easy penile insertion. You can comfortably hold it in place with your hand or by pressing it against your partner's body. This allows you to play with a partner with your hands free to do a little stimulating of their own.

Designed for male pleasure and couple stimulation
Patented PulsePlate oscillating technology
Expanding silicone wings
Five stimulation modes with adjustable intensity
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