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Body Wand Plugin

The Body Wand Attachments are also available now!!! You can buy them separately if you like.

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Body Wand Massager Descriptions:

Plug in and get ready for the massage of your life! This incredible 13” vibrator’s long reach and flexible head were designed to hit every one of your tightest spots. Work out those after-workout kinks, relax those tense shoulders after a hard day at work... or slip this pleasure sceptre between your legs to feel the most intense and focused orgasm-inducing vibrations ever!

The plug-in design ensures you’ll never run out of power, and the multi-speed control lets you choose exactly the amount you need – from a low, throbby hum to jackhammering high vibrations!


13” long

2½” head, 2” shaft

Made from firm TPE

White with blue accents

72” cord for great reach

Head is smooth on top with side ridges for friction

Flexible neck lets head bend to reach tight spots and angles

Multi-speed control dial

Whisper-quiet low settings, subdued sound on higher settings

Plugs in to A/C power, no batteries required

Great for use as a vibrator or for massage


The Bodywand Original Massager may just be the most powerful vibrator you’ll ever own! This 13” wonder can tackle anything from sore muscles to the most elusive orgasms.


To use, just plug the 72” cord into the nearest outlet, get comfortable, and roll the vibrator’s multi-speed dial control. The control is easy to manipulate with just one finger, so you’ll only ever need one hand to use this powerful vibrator.


On even the lowest setting, the Bodywand Original Massager is deceptively powerful. Try starting low and increasing the vibration speed slowly, so you’re not immediately overwhelmed. Add a little lube to create an even more intense experience! On lower settings, this vibrator remains very quiet for discreet use.


The Bodywand Original Massager makes a perfect gift for lovers powerful vibrators, and is innocent-looking enough for any shelf or travel bag. 

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